Colonial Cusqueña painting of scenes and Angels

Colonial Cusqueña Painting of Scenes and Angels

The Cusco School.- The colonial painting of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Cusco, acquire the category of School, for the multiple formal and iconographic features and scenes, for its wide territorial spread, and, for a continuity in technical and aesthetic matters of the Cusco workshops, both of identified personalities and of anonymous authors. In it, the most relevant results of the convergence of indigenous western and local traditions with scenes were developed. Studies in this field by renowned Peruvian and foreign researchers, have shed light on very revealing aspects of this very important piece of Peruvian colonial and viceregal art.

The angels in the colonial and viceregal painting of the Andean South (Cuzco school), where these pure spirits, reflections of the perfection of God and his protection, which exist in the main religions of humanity, reach one of the most fantastic expressions and attractive art of all time. And in close connection, as its inescapable reverse in the viceregal art, the figure of the demon in permanent dispute for the possession of the souls, and finally defeated in the deployment of the positive forces of the spirit.