Los Angeles and the Crystals

Los Angeles and the Crystals

The belief in the angels is present in diverse religions, as in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith.

According to these religions angels are spiritual beings of light created by God. They are immortal beings endowed with intelligence and will. The mission of the angels is to love, serve and give glory to God, to be his messengers, to care for and to help men.

In addition, the representation of spiritual beings serving the Divine and assisting men, is present in many other ancient cultures, are generally winged beings, of great beauty, divine messengers and protectors of humanity.

The Archangels:

The angelic beings are divided hierarchically in three choirs, and each choir in three orders, being that in the third hierarchy are the Seven Archangels.

The Archangels usually receive special missions with men and are the chiefs of the “Angels” who are more related to human affairs, these being the ones that are manifested to us.

Since they are in the closest order of men and the world, the angels work as divine messengers, present our prayers and transmit the will of God. They are also our protectors and guides. At the order of the Angels are the so-called guardian angels or guardian angels.

In some angelic traditions, the seven Archangels are associated with the seven rays of spiritual enlightenment, they are also assigned special virtues to each.

To help attract their presence, we can use aromas, candles, lights and crystals that vibrate in tune with their rays, through their colors, but it is important to know that these objects are just ancillary tools to represent and remember angels and have them Always in our minds, but do not contain their gifts or powers, not to fall into idolatry.

Archangel Michael:

He commands the angels who struggle to restore peace and banish evil on earth, he is the “Captain of the Armies of the Lord.”

It is associated with the Blue Ray. Its virtues are faith, power, strength, balance.

The invocation of this archangel can be made in moments of important decisions or seeking protection of any order, to protect us against a dangerous situation or adversary. We can also ask you to strengthen us and courage us to face adversity.

We can represent you with blue stones, such as Aventurine Blue, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite with blue flashes.

Archangel Jophiel

He is in charge of angels with whom he works to enlighten and teach divine wisdom to the human being.

It is associated with the Yellow Ray. Its virtues are Wisdom, enlightenment, inspiration and knowledge.

Their protection is invoked at times when we need inspiration, mental clarity, enlightenment and stability.

It brings knowledge to the doubts, helps us to be understood by those who do not want to listen and makes the truth come to light.

We can represent you with the yellow stones, like the Golden Quartz and the Tiger’s Eye.

Archangel Shamuel (or Chamuel)

He is the director of all the angels who promote unconditional Divine love.

It is associated with the Pink Ray. His virtues are Love in all forms, sweetness and tolerance.

Shamuel and his angels offer their support to those people who are alone and lacking in love and respect. It protects against envy, jealousy and eliminates any sense of bitterness. It also protects material goods from envy, overcomes grudges, attracts spiritual riches and promotes love.

We can represent you with pink stones, such as Pink Quartz and Pink Tourmaline

Archangel Raphael

Command the Angels of healing.

It is associated with the Green Ray. Its virtues are healing, patience and resignation.

Rafael is the inspiration of doctors and all those who care for the health and well being of others, helps them find the gift of healing. His angels are those who surround the healing centers and hospitals.

It invokes its protection against the diseases and powers of evil, and to help us endure the unbearable, when necessary. He is also the protector of the travelers and patron of the penitents.

It also has the power to dispel the suspicion of lying and to elevate the truth.

We can represent you with green stones, such as Green Quartz, Green Aventurine, Green Tourmaline, Emerald and Labradorite with Green Flashes.

Archangel Gabriel

He is the angel of the Annunciation and of the purity, commands the messengers and guides.

It is associated with the White Ray. Its virtues are purity, truth, clairvoyance and Mercy.

Gabriel is the bearer of good news and revelations. He offers the possibility of spiritual expansion through purification. We can ask him to help us purify our hearts. Their invocation can be made in times of great depression, depressive states, when one feels estranged from the divine wisdom and love of God.

His angels are the messengers of God, and help us to communicate with Him.

Under his protection we can better understand God’s purposes. We gain intuition and clairvoyance.

It is also the protector of pregnant women.

We can represent you with white stones such as White Quartz and Moonstone, which is the stone of intuition, or with stones with purifying properties such as Rock Crystal and Smoky Quartz. The Crystal Rock is related to messenger angels also because it is an amplifying quartz and channeling of subtle energies.

Archangel Uriel

Command the angels who are suppliers of prosperity and peace, who take care of our material and immediate needs, but also of our generosity and repentance.

It is associated with the Ruby Golden Ray. Its virtues are peace, harmony and material provision.

Archangel Uriel channels the energies of abundance and is a provider of spiritual and earthly graces. He is considered the Angel of money because he grants well-deserved opulence. Helps to make rapid changes according to the momentary needs. With his invocation he recovers the peace necessary to be able to cope with a bad moment. We can go to him to open horizons and to reach suitable solutions. Uriel protects against misery and relieves those who are fatigued with daily work.

He is the director of the suppliers angels, we can ask them for our physical and economic needs.

We can represent you with fire-colored stones such as Fire Agate and Orange Aventurine as well as Red Stones such as Ruby, Garnet and Red Jasper.

Archangel Zadkiel

He is the angel of transmutation, and of spirituality, his angels are the compassionate of mercy and help to cleanse the soul through his gifts. They are also the angels of joy and deliverance.

It is associated with the Violet Ray. Its virtues are forgiveness, liberation, transmutation and joy.

Zadkiel has the gift of transmuting all that is bad into good. Turn our faults into repentance and our sorrows into forgiveness.

It also promotes our ability to forgive others.

We can invoke it when we want to change something in our being, free ourselves from some addiction or if we want to get rid of negativism and accelerate our spiritual evolution.

Zadkiel and his angels fight the negative energies that have been anchored in us, pessimism and the feeling of defeat, impotence and hopelessness, transforming all that into spiritual evolution.

We can represent you with violet stones like Amethyst or Purple Fluorite.