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About Us – Escuela Cusqueña Munaycha

Painting Cusqueña Munaycha

Painters: Alvarez Mamani

We are a couple of young husbands (Juan Karal Alvarez Holgado and Katy Mamani Torres) self-taught dedicated to spreading the art of our school in Cusco in order to show the world.

Painting Cusqueña Munaycha is identified by sweet and tender faces.

This space is dedicated to people who like art. Our work is also identified by the high relief to the oil and copies of original replicas.

 Each one of us specialized in different areas to preserve the “modus operandi” of the old workshops that were installed in colonial times, where a cloth passed through several hands that contributed admirably to the whole, so each member of this family of Painters brings to the work a touch of brushstroke from his specialization. Whether it be faces, hands, gilded dresses, coral landscapes and the edges of flowers until the fabric is finished and ready to be finally placed in your hands.

In its theme are Virgins, archangels, areabuceros, cherubim, etc. Complemented with the decorations of sheets, glitter, silver, bronze, aluminum and gold.

We are artists who seek to innovate improvements step by step new styles of the decorations of the clothes, following with the first of the requirement or the taste of the client respecting the Cusco Escuela Cusqueña Munaycha. Is a word in Quechua that means: sweet, pretty.

We are artists who try to make the proportion of the face and body well defined.